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  1.    From YouTube by valleyandvale

    Viva Elvis was written and produced by young people aged 16-18 from Coleg Gwent in Pontypool working with Valley and Vale Community Arts.

    Viva Elvis tells the story of 16 year old Memphis 'Prez' Evans who is trying to help his dad, Elvis Impersonator Pelvis Esley gets his life back on track. Prez and his friend Lisa work with Pelvis on a new act that will dazzle everyone at the forthcoming Porthcawl Elvis Festival. This moving and funny film explores the relationship between Prez and his father.

    Supported by the Lottery through the UK Film Council's First Light Initiative.

  2. Elvis Impersonator!- America's Got Talent! - June 24th 2008

  3. Can Porthcawl produce better? I sure it can!

  4. The World's Greatest Elvis Impersonator? I'll be with you


  6. Best Elvis Impersonator? Viva Las Vegas


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